The Notwist – Neon Golden.

While going back in time with Aereogramme, I also remembered The Notwist and their eternally perfect album Neon Golden from 2003. The Notwist have not always been a favourite of mine, since I was never into their hardcore early days sound. However, they have been a very important influence and inspiration to me ever since […]

Hannah Schneider – Dreaming Kind.

Hannah Schneider has been a favourite of mine in Danish singer-songwriter-electronica ever since I discovered her through Spejderrobot’s remix of her song This Is Goodbye (still one of my all-time favorites, in fact.) Unfortunately, those free compilations that got me started with all things Danish electronica in the mid-late 2000s are not available anymore… But […]

Chromeo – Old 45’s.

Well, I admit I do have a soft spot for these two Canadian fellas that call themselves Tha Funk Lordz. And I do like their cheap sense of humour, their blatant 80s retro sound, and those jokes that are worthy of 14-year-old boys. So, here is Chromeo’s latest offering off their great album White Women. […]

808: The Movie.

There has been said and written so much about the Roland TR-808 that you could fill several libraries with those articles, reviews and whatnot. But anyway, even almost 35 years after its release, it still rocks the music world of (almost) any genre. It’s probably fair to say that this is one of the top […]