Apple – The Song.

Last year, Apple impressed some of us with their holiday themed ad that – I only learned that now, in fact – received an Emmy award. Now, this year, they continue to focus once more on the creative and creating part of how you could use their hardware and software. The video is indeed as […]

Not sure what shines more: The reflection vest or my red face...

Yes, I can.

Tonight, I extended my usual running round to about 7.5 km. And even though the rain was pouring down on me and the wind would change direction every time I would, it just feels great. The difficulty with running is that you always need to motivate yourself, as opposed to my other passion, football. When […]

Beacon – L1 EP.

Here is some rather nice, soulful, melancholic electronica – a bit like Stubborn Heart, who had a wonderful album two years ago. Anyway, Beacon are yet another band I discovered by chance while browsing Soundcloud, proving that NYC still has some creative spark to offer… So, here you go – a beautiful mini album and […]

Amager Strandpark

Amager Strandpark.

The other week, I started again running against my general laziness. Well, football season is over, so I really have to do something, so I won’t get all slow and rusty… Anyway, I ran my usual round at Amager Strandpark, and while there was – for once – no wind at all, I had this […]

Mia Diekow – Herz.

While I was in the mood for Niels Frevert the other day, it reminded me of another fine example of German pop melancholy. Mia Diekow had a short appearance to larger public in Germany, when she was in the competition for representing Germany in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest. And while that was a cute […]