La Hvem

This is the Media Sound Studio recording of a song that I did together with a great bunch of talented youngsters as part of the Musikkens Dag 2011 project. Being guided by a professional coach (Lisbeth Rysgaard of Gasoline fame), we wrote, arranged and played this song (plus a few more that we just haven’t recorded yet) and then played it live on stage at Amager Bio. The original idea for this song is from Embla and Mercedes, and I just added some beats, bass, strings and effects, while the boys added guitar and harmonica.

  • Ásbjørn Í Ólavsstovu Midjord – electric guitar
  • Embla Nordahl Gudmundsson – vocals and acoustic guitar
  • Mercedes Lehmann Botoft – vocals
  • Victor Bøsling – harmonica