Magnetic Bass

Jonas – Everpure’s drummer from 2008/09 – and I have started out in January 2010 with some rough ideas and a fancy concept about Magnetic Bass, which was based on some Magnetic Poetry that I had on the fridge in my kitchen, plus our love for bass. We wrote a couple of songs with our drums, guitar and Ableton Live, and finally concluded that we wanted to have a singer adding some vocal melodies to them. We called ourselves The Hmn, which we found about one billion nerdy stories for.

So we started looking for a singer, and we found her: Lou Lou Mais, a wonderful singer from Copenhagen. She contributed with some wonderful words and melodies, which we recorded in September 2010 at Rusk Studio.
Unfortunately, we didn’t continue with the project, so these four songs are all you will ever hear from the project called The Hmn featuring Lou Lou Mais.