This is the work, Beritt and I have done in 2008. Ten songs, recorded at home, during February and November.
In February and March 2009, we played two concerts in the first two rounds of the Emergenza Festival in Copenhagen – at Stengade 30 and Lille Vega. For those concerts, we had Karen Jensen, Mads Graver and Jonas Vesterheden on backing vocals, bass and drums.


This is the full concert we played at the Danish Emergenza Festival’s semi finals. Five songs, from start to end.

And this is the first “official” Everpure video. Actually, I would rather consider it being a first attempt in home movie production. Or so. Anyway, the footage has been done with a small digital compact camera on a wonderful late summer day in Gribskov, a beautiful forest in the north of Copenhagen, and the end scene shows the coast line at Nivå beach. Enjoy!