Surgery By Numbers

Surgery By Numbers is the name of that “virtual album” I created under my spare time alter ego Erik during a very special period of my life in 2007. It goes basically back to a simple, stupid, but funny idea I got together with a friend when we were laughing about a photo taken some years ago in a flat in Copenhagen. Anyway, I came up with a list of song titles, so they all were already there even before I wrote the first note of this compilation.

This was also the time when I finally dropped Windows PCs and switched to Apple computers with Mac OS. My first Mac of course came with Garageband, and that was my very starting point, so most of these tracks came to life in this simple, but great app. Eventually, I moved on to Logic Express, which turned everything into a new direction. I worked with Logic occasionally over all the years, starting back in 1991 with Notator on an Atari ST. No wonder I felt instantly at home with it, even it was years ago, because the last version I had hands on myself was 5.5 on a PC, or so.