Under Samme Himmel

This is the first of two remixes I did in summer 2012 for Zilla & Tomas. This thing started with me trying to challenge myself, trying to push the envelope a bit further than I usually would… The original is a half-acoustic pop-rock song, focusing very much on piano, vocals and some driving guitars. I turned it into a (hopefully) very dancefloor friendly House-inspired four-to-the-floor track, trying to preserve the original song’s main hook and its energy. Enjoy!

The Ostrich

This is actually the first “official” remix I ever did. I met the singer of Mescalin, Baby at a BandBase user group meeting, and some weeks later, he asked me if I would like to remix one of their songs. Of course, I agreed, because it felt really challenging for me to remix a song of a genre that I usually don’t even listen to at all – considering my own record collection. So, we quickly agreed on this particular song, and then I basically threw everything out, except for the vocals and some guitars that I liked a lot. I even dropped the end part of the original song, because I liked the first two thirds of it so much that I wanted to focus on that melancholic atmosphere only. Fortunately, the band liked it a lot, so they put it on their website as well. They even told me that they thought about playing that version live, so I guess they really seem to like it!

End Scene

This one is a very special one for me. Troels Abrahamsen, the singer of Danish band Veto, has put the plain vocal track of this song on his blog and encouraged people to use it for remixes or any kind of interpretations. This is probably one of the most motivating things, artists can do with their fans and followers. And since I admire his music a lot, I didn’t hesitate a second to give it a try. Funnily, after having played around with it, I had this one song in mind that I wrote some time earlier. And in my head, that would match perfectly with Troels’ vocals. So I tried it, and they matched so well, they even had the same BPM! So, some cutting round edges and fixing effects, and ready was the remix. And actually, I’d rather call it a bastard pop version than a proper remix. Attached to this is the video to the original version of the song.

Jungle Drum

I did this remix as a spontaneous contribution to a remix competition on foem.info, which was one of the few that got my attention, because they usually only run competitions with techno or house artists. Anyway, I always liked Emiliana Torrini’s voice very much, and this song was particularly nice to remix, because it always makes me smile when I hear it. I decided to do something different than all those dancefloor remixers, probably because they’re all so much better in that than I am. But I really wanted to focus on the “drum” part of the song, especially because Emiliana really makes the jungle drums come alive with her sound shaping vocals. Of course, I didn’t win the competition, but it was an exciting entry into the remix business.


This one is not exactly a remix. Strictly speaking, it’s rather an edit of the original recording. My former bandmate and friend Danielle aka Mole recorded a couple of demos with her new band Kitsch Cats in late 2010, and I offered to try a remix of one of their songs. It’s actually quite close to the original, just boosting a few frequencies, straightening some sounds and doing slight amendments on the overall arrangement. However, I think it’s got a bit more punch and volume, which fits the song’s groove and flow very well.

Get Me Out

And here is one remix I am not allowed to share anywhere else than where it was originally posted (I was actually approached by her distributor disco:wax…) I participated in another remix competition on Danish music community site BandBase, giving a song of one of my favourite Danish dance music singers a nice treatment. Camille Jones means a lot to me, because she is one of the first artists I discovered when I came to this country. So, here is my – again, of course not winning – entry from that contest:

Camille Jones – Get Me Out (Everpuremix)