Yes, there was also a life before Everpure. Here are all my early band experiences collected, all the way back to 1985.

The Hmn feat. Lou Lou Mais

Jonas – Everpure’s drummer from 2008/09 – and I have started out in January 2010 with some rough ideas and a fancy concept about Magnetic Bass, which was based on some Magnetic Poetry that I had on the fridge in my kitchen, plus our love for bass. We wrote a couple of songs with our drums, guitar and Ableton Live, and finally concluded that we wanted to have a singer adding some vocal melodies to them. We called ourselves The Hmn, which we found about one billion nerdy stories for.

So we started looking for a singer, and we found her: Lou Lou Mais, a wonderful singer from Copenhagen. She contributed with some wonderful words and melodies, which we recorded in September 2010 at Rusk Studio.

Unfortunately, we didn’t continue with the project, so these four songs are all you will ever hear from the project called The Hmn featuring Lou Lou Mais.

La Hvem

This is the Media Sound Studio recording of a song that I did together with a great bunch of talented youngsters as part of the Musikkens Dag 2011 project. Being guided by a professional coach (Lisbeth Rysgaard of Gasoline fame), we wrote, arranged and played this song (plus a few more that we just haven’t recorded yet) and then played it live on stage at Amager Bio. The original idea for this song is from Embla and Mercedes, and I just added some beats, bass, strings and effects, while the boys added guitar and harmonica.


The story in short (in German) over here.

Screaming Fools

After having played a lot of concerts in and around Hamburg, we decided to spend all of our money and go into a professional recording studio and make a record. With the help of Dirk Karsten as producer, we prepared all the arrangements, drum programming and keyboard melodies. And this is what the project resulted in.

All music written by Screaming Fools. All words (except The Light by Daphne Pajunk) by Henry Heitmann.

Egypt Wonder

In 1985, I bought my very first synth (a Korg Poly-800) and started playing together with my friend René. Shortly after, Christian joined and we formed our first band, named after a cosmetics product that Christian’s mum used at the time. We put all our synths and drum machines together, got everything sequenced from a very early version of Cubase on a C-64 and just played away.

In 1987, we played our first and only concert in the main auditorium at our high school. It remained our only concert… And this is what is left to remind us of those days back then.

All music and lyrics (except Photographic by Vince Clarke) written and performed by: