The Accents Remain

I wanted to make this one a really cosy, chill four-to-the-floor mix, floating freely in the afternoon sun. As always, when you've got an idea and allow the associations to take their own path, everything ends up not being what you thought it would be. So, be prepared for a couple main room bangers in there too, and as usual, ending with some chill melodic tunes. Dancing and moving your hips is still allowed!

Are You Scared Yet?

Another rather extensive lockdown mix with sounds from my teenage years. I had very different plans for this weekend, but the Corona effects chose to slow down things and so I decided to make the best of it and dive into my record collection once again. And no, as usual, I am not afraid of cheesy pop hits next to new wave and hip hop classics - everything is allowed, as long as it makes you dance and sing like no-one's watching or listening!

There Is A Flow In Everything

Here is some four to the floor vibe to dance and dream to. As always, it turned out to be different than what I had in mind when I started. But that is exactly what the flow does to you. Just allow it in, surrender to it and it will take over and all will be good.

The Moon Dressed In Pink Soft Fluffiness

So, for this one I sort of continued where I left off with the last mix, but heading towards much more calm and ambient pop. Perfect for a night drive, a lovers’ dance or just a quiet time on your terrace or balcony.

The Music In Me

I made a new mix tonight. Some crazy peak time shit that totally would get me on the dance floor and jump and sing and put my hands in the air like I just don't care. And yes, it's got the cheesiest chart hits in there too. You're welcome.

Time Will Tell

Okay, This mix is going to be bloody excessive. But I just couldn’t stop. I won’t apologise. You’ll get it tomorrow (which is already today, but anyway...) And as a special sneak preview, here’s the track list. How many states do the USA have? You can soon dance them all. And I am particularly proud that I managed to only include one Depeche Mode song...

In Your Own Time

It's a long time since I've done this and I felt quite rusty, but here is a brand new vinyl-only mix I made tonight. You can chill, dance, laugh and love to it - or take a drive on a sunny afternoon with the windows rolled down and the car stereo all the way up.